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A Walk Among the Stars Fashion Show & Gala 2023

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Thank you to all our 2023 sponsors for your generosity




Gene & Jayne Dahlgren


Advanced Ground Systems Engineering LLC

AutoNation Toyota Buena Park

Harold Hamud & Salma Bushala-Hamud

John & Jeanette Svet


Dr. Frank Amato and Mrs. Phyllis Amato

Dennis Buchanan, MD

Skip & Cathy Shircliff, Thomas Myers & Patricia Speer

Shin Imaging & Providence in partnership with
Rezolut and Shin Imaging Center


Allied Anesthesia Medical Group

Arborland Montessori School

Ron & Walda Anderson

The Dean Family

Barry & Dub Drees

Julie Kim

Dorothy Lippman Salovesh

The Mabbott Family & The Chalem Family

Robert McCoy, MD & Kathie McCoy

Daniel and Christina Oh

David Park, MD & Helen Park

Providence Medical Foundation

Providence Medical Foundation Research 

Providence St. Joseph & St. Jude Heritage Medical Group

Providence St. Jude Center for Hematology and Oncology

Providence St. Jude Medical Staff

Skip & Cathy Shircliff

St. Jude Emergency Medical Group

St. Jude Radiology Medical Group, Inc.

The Pathology Group at Providence St. Jude

USC Department of Radiation Oncology

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Together, we can provide care that transforms lives, now and for years to come.

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