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A Living Legacy

Providence St. Jude Medical Center has established its first Endowed Chairs thanks to generous gifts from the Klaus and Blaski families.

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Feels Like Home

Melissa Petrus, mother of five, always knew she wanted a big family and chose Providence St. Jude Medical Center for each of her deliveries.

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Back by Popular Demand

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: A Concert on the Hill drew a large crowd of music lovers and like-minded supporters to the scenic Summit House Restaurant on Thursday, May 11.

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Harp to Heart

Elizabeth Styffe was driving to the university where she taught nursing when she noticed an unusual movement in one leg. This began the journey to her devasting diagnosis of a grade 4 glioblastoma.

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From the Harp

Susan discovered she would be calling on her friends at Providence St. Jude for help — an experience that she describes as life-changing.

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A Most Treasured Society

The Sister Jane Frances Society is a unique and profoundly valued group at Providence St. Jude Memorial Foundation. This group was established to recognize and honor those who have made legacy gifts in their
estate plans to Providence St. Jude Medical Center.

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Grateful Giving

Paul and Mary Reitler met while he was traveling across the country with friends. The two lovebirds carried on a long-distance romance. Paul graduated from Stanford University and they were married while he served in the Navy. After graduating from Harvard Law School, he joined a Los Angeles–based law firm that later grew from a California firm of four offices to an international firm having fifteen offices.

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From Your Heart to Theirs

Thanks in large part to philanthropic support, Providence St. Jude has moved into a new era of complex minimally invasive cardiac care procedures. As the cardiac care program seeks to build upon its suite of advanced diagnosis and treatment offerings, the support of the community partnered with a team of preeminent cardiac experts will be key to accelerating growth and propelling the program to new heights of excellence.

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Coming All the Way Back from COVID-19

St. Jude’s Post-COVID Recovery Program draws upon the same expertise that has made the hospital a national leader in areas from cognitive recovery and chronic pain to cancer rehabilitation. “We don’t know of another program in the state that offers this level of comprehensiveness and innovation,” explains Dr. Covarrubias-Eckardt.

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A High-Tech “Clothespin”

At Providence St. Jude Medical Center there is another option: a miniature clothespin-like device that attaches to the mitral valve to help it close more completely and restore normal blood flow. Called MitraClip, the dime-sized clip is implanted via a catheter threaded through a vein near the hip and successfully prevents the backward flow or regurgitation of blood by fastening together the valve’s leaky flaps.

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A Legacy of Love

Katie Monson might have been only twenty years old. But, in that short time, she shared a lifetime’s worth of empathy and compassion.

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In Their Blood: A Lifelong Passion for Philanthropy

Haydee and Carlos first became involved with Providence St. Jude Medical Center when their youngest son, Rodney, was born in April of 1970. Despite modest means, the Molluras were emphatic about their desire to support the medical center. We felt strongly we should give back,” reflects Carlos. “These values are in our blood.”

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Pieces of the Puzzle

From 1976 to the beginning of 2015, Dr. Sugarman solved countless diagnostic puzzles as a leading internist and rheumatologist in the Providence St. Jude Medical Center community.

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From survivor to supporter

“St. Jude was the reason I was able to start the following New Year off as a survivor. Through my mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation, they held my hand and guided me through every step.”

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So, what comes after cancer treatment?

It’s a Tuesday afternoon and the sound of Shania Twain’s “I Feel Like a Woman” is coming from a gym within the St. Jude Centers for Rehabilitation and Wellness. Inside, Jason Tse, occupational therapist, is helping Julia Cook Muneer master a new line dance.

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A New Aortic Valve: Kitty’s Story

When Kitty Barton needed to have her aortic heart valve replaced, she had one requirement: She needed to be able to dance her way through Aruba several weeks later—a trip she had planned with her daughter and one she considered “non-negotiable.”

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Meet Dan Mabbott and his team of experts

For Dan Mabbott, 65, St. Jude Medical Center was something he drove past on his way to see his doctor at the St. Jude Medical Plaza. “I was happy the hospital was here, I just didn’t think I’d need it,” explains the retired mechanic.

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Expanding Senior Services

Funds from St. Jude’s Emergency Response & Recovery Campaign are helping equip and expand the hospital’s Caring Neighbors Program — an initiative that assists frail and isolated seniors with services such as coordinating health appointments, grocery shopping or providing companionship.

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Giving back for a life regained

Dick Joe assumed his fatigue was just part of getting older. The stockbroker and grandfather of four recalls taking walks with wife, Marian, that left him short of breath and feeling weak. It wasn’t until a visit to the Great Wall of China that Dick was certain something was not right.

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Philanthropy: Making the impossible, possible

In August 2018, Keiko Matthews, MSN, RN, completed her shift at St. Jude, went home, and woke up the next day with an excruciating headache. She asked her fiancé to call 911. The last thing she remembers is silently repeating, “Please take me to St. Jude.”

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Hometown heroes

As our area continues to face unprecedented challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the Orange County community has stood with us — raising funds, providing protective gear, offering meals and so much more.

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The story of Brian Hong

Now retired, Drs. Amin decided they were at the right time in their lives to downsize, but more importantly, to give back to the community they cherished in a significant way. Their extraordinary generosity will help fund Nursing Excellence and Behavioral Health.

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Move More, Eat Healthy

St. Jude is sponsoring a series of initiatives, designed to combat obesity, focused on improving nutrition, enhancing physical activity, and supporting healthy lifestyle policies in low-income neighborhoods.

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Each Mind Matters

Each Mind Matters unites us to talk openly and honestly about mental health. St. Jude is encouraging us all to engage in safe conversations about mental health with family, friends, and community members.

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Matt Miller shares his story of triumph

Matt Miller went to bed with a sense that something was off. He woke up suspecting a heart attack. After driving himself to Providence St. Jude Medical Center, his suspicions were confirmed; Matt had multi-vessel blockages and needed bypass surgery.

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