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Like rock ‘n’ roll, she’s here to stay

Imagine being told by your doctor that you have six months left to live. Yet, here you are 14 years later, healthier than ever—that is the story of Cindy Wilman.

Two weeks before her 50th birthday, Cindy discovered a large indentation on her right breast that turned her world upside down. She sought answers at St. Jude’s McCarty Breast Center where it was confirmed she had stage 2 breast cancer. The malignant tumor had grown into her rib cage, concealing it from routine mammogram screenings. Determined to beat this disease, Cindy underwent a mastectomy in September 2003 asking doctors to, “Take my body part in order to keep my life.”

Cindy’s hopes for a bright future became cloudy once again during her first checkup appointment after surgery. The results discovered that Cindy had progressed into stage 4 breast cancer and terminal bone cancer due to the developed tumor in the rib cage. Devastated but optimistic in God’s plans, Cindy’s ‘new normal’ became radiation sessions five times a week and monthly appointments with her oncologist.

With hope, faith, expert care and the most advanced technology, Cindy overcame both cancers and is thriving more than ever. Because of the community’s continuous support, St. Jude was able to provide Cindy the resources needed for her survival. “Every penny makes a difference in this fight to beat cancer,” she stated. “Every donor is helping another patient. These donors don’t realize they helped me 14 years ago.”

These days, Cindy is back to her busy everyday life, working as a freelance agent in the music industry and ‘rocking out’ at concerts with friends. She recently wrapped up a five-day project for The NAMM Show, the world’s largest event for the music products industry.

But in her spare time, Cindy expresses her gratitude for the compassionate care she received by devoting her time and knowledge. After every quarterly doctor appointment, Cindy visits the St. Jude infusion center to provide inspiration to current cancer patients. She sits with strangers and shares her story as a motivation to stay strong and hopeful.

“I am so appreciative of my life, to see my family grow, for the memories I would have missed,” said Cindy. “I am here by the grace of God first, and by the staff of St. Jude second. They walked me through the biggest storm of my life, and I am forever thankful.” 

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Every Cent Counts Winter 2023

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