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Cancer Survivor

Anna Agustin

It was a few days before my 38th birthday in November 2010 when I was diagnosed with Stage 1A Breast Cancer.

Lidia Bonales

I knew this journey was going to be life changing, but I didn’t realize how many new perspectives would come.

Kristen Carrera

As soon as my doctor uttered the words “cancer,” it seemed as though my life trajectory took a sharp turn.

Gilbert Contreras

My cancer journey began with the devastating phone call on a historic night in my career.

Millicent Crenshaw

I remember going to the doctor in early 2022 and saying, “Sometimes when I swallow, it feels like food gets caught in my throat and I have to cough to get it loose.”

Barry Drees

My experience began in December 2016 at age 60.

Karyl Dupee

I like to say, “I owe it all to cancer!”

Gina Galassi

In 2006, my mom was treated for breast cancer, and I began having annual mammograms and ultrasounds at 31-years-old.

Aaron Hernandez

I learned about my cancer in 2019, when tests revealed I had non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Michelle Jackson

My breast cancer story started when I went for my routine mammogram in 2020 and was offered a genetic screening test.

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